How to Attract & Secure the Best Talent for your Organisation

Have you interviewed someone who you thought was really keen, made an offer and been turned down?  Maybe you have lost people half way through the interview process, or just not had the interest from people you hoped for?  Interviewing, selecting at retaining the best talent has never been more important, however how do you know if you are getting it right?  We do and we are here to help!

We love recruiting so much we have built a business in it so let recruitment experts Kelly Notley and Sarah Leete share valuable insights into how to attract and secure the best talent for your organisation.

During this session attendees will gain practical tips and increase their understanding in;

  • The importance of an employer brand and how to do this, even on a shoe-string budget
  • How to attract the very best candidates and show them why they would choose to work for you
  • Pitfalls of the interview process – what to do and the things to 100% avoid
  • Rejecting people and delivering feedback– the right and wrong way
  • Offering and securing the successful person
  • Successful onboarding
  • Making the very best first impression – the all-important first month

Please note this event has now taken place, check out our events page for upcoming sessions.